CORDER’S COLUMN: Send me your questions for Chrono24’s chief executive Tim Stracke


On Wednesday WatchPro is heading to Germany for an exclusive interview with Chrono24’s chief executive Tim Stracke and we would like to give you the opportunity to provide questions and comments to raise during the conversation.

Chrono24 is one of the most controversial companies in the global watch industry. The online marketplace is breaking down the territorial barriers that protect authorised retailers in their own territories, leading to an explosion in grey market sales across the globe.

These authorised retailers publicly view Chrono24 as the enemy, while at the same time offloading unsold stock through the back door using the digital platform.

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We will be probing the company’s business model, its ethics and its views on the future of global watch sales.

To put your questions and comments to Mr Stracke, simply e-mail


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  1. Hi Rob. I have communicated with you before – with varying degrees of success!
    This non-direct market is becoming very interesting and popular but am not sure how the manufacturers view it. From what I see most adverts on Chrono24 are for pre-owned watches from individuals or small retailers. Some will offer new grey market. I have also noticed that there are some manufacturers who are simply using the site as an advertising window for new watches but the prices are not discounted. Bearing in mind Richemont’s recent purchase of Watchfinder this really serves to enhance the used market I feel. My biggest moan is the very poor p/ex values established watch retailers give – even on full price items bought from them not long ago. This is preventing people from upgrading and discourages buying new again. I suppose my question to Mr Stracke is where does he see future growth of his firm coming from – maybe more manufacturers advertising although I am not sure the point if they are at the rrp. If not then they are undercutting their own traditional retailers. It is all a tangled web being weaved!
    Incidentally I noticed that Chrono24 are doing an event in London next week. I would be quite keen to go as a very keen enthusiast. I did email them and referenced the lady mentioned in your initial piece and whilst I had an auto reply I have heard no more. Anything you can do whilst seeing the boss?!. Best. Karl Dennis

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