Casio g shock kitty

Casio Baby-G celebrates 50 years of Hello Kitty

Casio, which seems to have an anniversary celebration for almost every day of every year, has found a kindred spirit in the Hello Kitty Franchise, which is 50-years-old in 2024.

They have collaborated on the creation of a new BGD-565KT featuring the popular Hello Kitty character from Sanrio Co., Ltd.

Mostly white, the watch also uses red and blue that were commonplace in Hello Kitty merchandise from its mid-1970s heyday.

Its bio-resin case and strap have printed faces of the 70s cartoon character laughing, winking and looking surprised. 

When the backlight is activated, his eyes, nose and whiskers appear on the watch’s LCD screen.

The BGD565KT-7 Baby-G Hello Kitty is on sale for $140.

The new Baby-G is the second time Casio has collaborated with Hello Kitty.

Five years’ ago, the two brands collaborated on a Baby-G that coincided with both the 25th anniversary of the youth-focused G-Shock sub-brand and 45 years since Hello Kitty first appeared.

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