Camden Watch Company opens design lab to showcase its watchmaking


The Camden Watch Company’s Design Lab is both a place and a collection of watches.

As a destination, it is a place where consumers can be invited to pickup one of a kind designs.

It is also a collection of watches that are either unique, limited editions or produced in short runs.


“We use this series to push our boundaries, seek out new ideas and challenge the limits of our collection,” the company says.

Watch designs sit within three families.

Frankenstein Editions are assembled by co-founder Jerome Robert in the  Camden Town design studio using various parts from different watches within the collection, put together to create something totally new. Each Frankstein edition is signed, dated and numbered on the interior of the caseback.

A Small Batch edition is a style or colourway that is used for a small, limited run of usually around 50 pieces. “Once they’re gone, they’re gone,” the brand says.

First editions are the first production run of a new idea, usually produced in a small quantity to begin with. Generally, they will make their way into the main collection, sometimes as they are and sometimes with a few minor tweaks such as different colour or style of strap.


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