In8jufsw idris elba wears brew watch co

Brew Watch Co. boosted by Idris Elba appearance

Luther star shows love for American independent watchmaker.

Is Idris Elba a fan of WatchPro or just in tune with the zeitgeist for design-led American independent watchmakers?

Just a few months after Brew Watch Co. won American Watch Brand of the year at the WatchPro USA Awards in New York City last September, the British superstar was seen wearing a Brew Metric Chronograph Extraction Timer, a watch that counts the seconds required to make a perfect barista coffee shot.

The exact watch appeared on the January cover of WatchPro magazine so perhaps the screen legend is a reader.

Wp digital january
Brew Watch Co. on the cover of WatchPro.

Mr Elba was appearing on the Chunkz & Filly Show, a popular Youtube channel and podcast, to talk about tackling knife crime.

Eagle-eyed watch spotters, forever focused in on the wristwear of the rich and famous, noticed the Brew watch, which retails for a mere £361.

Jonathon Ferrer, founder of Brew Watch Co. says the concept for the Brew Metric Chronograph Extraction Timer came to him in his local coffee shop, where he noticed baristas starting a digital timer to ensure a perfect brew.

It comes in a 1970s style 36mm steel case with contrasting polished and brushed components and is powered by quartz chronograph movement.

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