Brand Avenue deal puts Metal CH on Park Lane


New Metal CH distributor Brand Avenue has entered into an agreement with a hotel concessions specialist that will see its watches on show on London’s Park Lane.

Brand Avenue has entered into a partnership with Peter Burrowes, the company behind WatchWarehouse, which also runs a number of concessions in top London hotels.

Jody Jacobs, managing director at Brand Avenue said: “Since re-launching Metal CH we have seen astronomical interest in the brand, both from retailers and consumers. The placement of the watches in a top London Hotel by Peter Burrowes is simply an additional vote in industry confidence in the brand and we are looking forward to working in partnership with Peter Burrowes into the future.”


Peter Burrowes will display the Metal CH watches in a prime spot in one of the hotel’s it operates within on London’s prestigious Park Lane, allowing hotel guests and visitors to make direct purchases.

Neil Smith, senior buying and merchandising manager at WatchWarehouse, added: “We are delighted to add Metal CH to our brand portfolio. It seemed like the perfect fit for our concession business, providing customers with a quality Swiss brand at an affordable price. The oversized, luxurious look and feel of the brand really stands out in the show case environment.”


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