Beaverbrooks shuts down ecommerce to protect its staff


Just four days after it was forced to close all of its physical stores, Beaverbrooks shuttered its ecommerce business to protect workers in IT, warehousing and distribution.

The family-owned multiple stopped taking orders on Friday last week.

“It is with great sadness that we have made the difficult decision to close our website and warehouse operations until further notice,” says Anna Blackburn, managing director of Beaverbrooks.


“As a family owned business, the safety and wellbeing of our people is our utmost priority, and despite current government guidance for online retailers to continue normal operation, we need to do everything we can to protect our colleagues, their families and the wider community,” she adds.

Beaverbrooks is aiming to keep a sense of community between its teams and customers and is encouraging everybody to take care of each other and keep talking.

“As we all stay at home, adjust to our ‘new normal’ and get through this together, we still want to be there for you and we’d still love to hear from you. Please keep checking our website, blog and social media channels in the coming weeks and sharing your special moments with us, because at times like these love is more important than ever. Stay safe, and look after each other,” Ms Blackburn urges.

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