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Basel 2014: Freres Rochat automaton

The most astonishing product demonstration that WatchPro has so far witnessed at BaselWorld 2014 comes from a device that nothing to do with telling the time and yet displays the very finest principles of watchmaking.

200 years ago the Rochat Brothers created bird song automatons. Today the brothers’ work has been revived by Stéphane Velan, chairman and chief executive officer of Fréres Rochat, who has in just four short years reacquired the lost micro-mechanical techniques needed to build the most complex of devices and assemble the astonishingly competent team of watchmakers needed to build them.

Each Fréres Rochat piece is created from over 1,200 components and costs between $1-2million US.

James Buttery

Editor of WatchPro, the WatchPro Hot 100 and The Luxury Report.

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