Ball takes over UK distribution


Ball watches has taken its UK distribution in-house and hired Nick Wiseman, former Ball brand manager at Nuval, the brand’s former UK distributor that went into administration last week.

Ball company directors Kevin Kouch and Daniel Alioth will directly head up distribution of its watches within the UK with Wiseman also joining the brand.

The company believes the move will deliver “closer collaboration and an exclusive support to UK partners”.


Meanwhile fashion house Versace issued a statement to make clear that its watch brands had no involvement with Nuval despite the distributor’s website featuring both Versace and Versace Versus branding.

The manufacture and distribution of both brands is in fact handled by Vertime SA, a luxury division of Timex Group.

Francesca Manfredi, PR manager at Timex Group Swiss Luxury Division, said: “While we have been negotiating for some time with Nuval regarding distribution of our brands in the UK, a contract was never signed. Now, after months of delays, we understand why this has occurred.”

The group has since requested that Nuval removes the Versace and Versus names and branding from any future communications.


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