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Who’s who at the inaugural British Watchmakers’ Day?

Britain's pioneering watchmakers gather for a one-day event designed to advance horology in this country.

In addition to the brands showing and selling special edition watches on March 9, there will be the opportunity to see and speak to representatives from nearly 30 additional British watchmakers. Among those exhibiting will be:


Accurist 13194371

Established in 1946 within the vibrant watchmaking hub of Clerkenwell, London, Accurist has proudly upheld its British ownership heritage. From the dynamic era of the Swinging Sixties to sponsoring the Speaking Clock, Accurist consistently delivers watches of superior quality that exceed expectations.

The enduring commitment to excellence has adorned the nation’s wrists with premium timepieces rooted deeply in British culture. Accurist, a brand that has consistently delivered top-notch watches since its inception, invites visitors to BWD to embrace a lasting legacy.


Adley 13194369

Inaugurated in 2018 by Jordan Wang, Adley intertwines a love of cycling with a love of craftsmanship to produce robust mechanical watches. Beyond being mere accessories, Adley’s watches celebrate the best bicycle builders and their timeless creations with a design philosophy that revolves around paying homage to the finest bespoke bicycles.

Adley’s timepieces embody precision and attention to detail, mirroring the bikes that inspire them. What sets Adley apart is its unique ability to capture the essence of the cycling world, offering an unparalleled timekeeping experience that extends beyond the realm of bicycles.


Alkin 13194382

Conceived in Bristol by furniture designer and watch collector Charlie Fowler, Alkin stands tall as an independent watch company embodying unwavering values. Each Alkin watch, designed from the ground up by Charlie, reflects a minimalist style with a distinct character.

The Arabic numerals, intricately crafted by British typographer Gareth Hague, contribute to its singular aesthetic. The product development journey for every Alkin watch involves an exacting attention to detail, resulting in timepieces that harmonise form and function.

Alkin invites watch enthusiasts to embrace the brand’s steadfast commitment to enduring core values, where each watch tells a distinctive story of British design and craftsmanship.


Arken 13194376

Founded in 2021 by Kenneth Lam, Arken began as a personal quest to create watches that seamlessly blend premium aesthetics with practicality.

The brand’s mission expanded to offer watches that remain affordable while enduring everyday adventures. Arken’s debut, the Instrumentum, is a titanium diver that encapsulates the brand’s commitment to practical luxury.

The recent launch of Alterum, a titanium travel timer, further reinforces Arken’s dedication to creating watches that balance aesthetics and functionality.

Arken invites individuals to explore a world where premium design meets practical affordability, crafting timepieces that elevate everyday adventures.

Backes & Strauss

Bs 13194359

Established in 1789, Backes & Strauss is the world’s oldest diamond company and, today, seamlessly merges diamond-cutting mastery with watchmaking expertise. Venturing into the luxury diamond watch market in 2006, the brand draws inspiration from the architectural elegance of 19th-century London.

Backes & Strauss watches epitomise timeless luxury, showcasing precision in both gems and horology. The commitment to excellence resonates in each watch, positioning Backes & Strauss as a symbol of heritage and craftsmanship.

With roots spanning centuries, the brand invites watch enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the unparalleled mastery of diamonds and watchmaking.


Boken 13194372

Founded by Daniel Banks, BŌKEN transcends being just a British-designed watch company; it embodies the spirit of Japanese adventure. The brand aims to empower adventurers, thrill-seekers, and luxury enthusiasts with timepieces seamlessly fusing performance, style, and elegance.

BŌKEN’s watches are tools designed for those embracing adventure. The commitment to excellence permeates every detail, from precise timekeeping to aesthetics capturing the essence of both British design and Japanese craftsmanship. BŌKEN’s timepieces stand as companions for individuals navigating life’s journey, embodying the adventurous spirit that defines the brand’s identity.

BVOR Watches

Bvor 13194375

BVOR Watches, originating in 2019, unfolds from a unique narrative involving three Aldenham School friends during their A-Levels. The brand’s dedication goes beyond watch creation, aiming to produce distinct timepieces seamlessly accompanying individuals through life’s journey.

BVOR’s watches combine exceptional materials and a discerning eye for detail to establish a lasting legacy. The brand’s commitment to distinctiveness permeates every aspect of its timepieces, from design language to materials used and stands as a testament to the belief that a watch mirrors individuality.

Clemence Watches

Clemence 13194380

Clemence Watches, designed and assembled in Britain, present quintessential vintage style in a sturdy, contemporary form.

The brand adopts an unwavering approach to crafting watches that seamlessly move from sea to summit with charm and sophistication. Uniting timeless design and modern durability, Clemence Watches are ideal for those who value both style and rugged functionality.

Upholding British design principles, Clemence Watches allows wearers to encounter the fusion of classic aesthetics and contemporary robustness, producing timepieces that transcend the confines of time and style.

Edward Christopher

Edward christopher 13194363

Edward Christopher, founded by Sean Brickell, produces beautifully distinctive watches featuring Swiss mechanical movements in vibrant colours. Beyond aesthetics, the brand’s commitment to making a positive impact is evident through it pledging 10% of profits to assist children and young people globally.

Edward Christopher’s watches distinguish themselves not only by their unique designs but also for embodying a sense of purpose with the brand’s ethos seamlessly merging artistic expression and social responsibility. Each watch becomes a symbol of style with substance, allowing wearers to make a statement while contributing to meaningful causes.


Escudo 13194373

Founded by Simon Correia and Richard Johnson, Escudo Watches draws inspiration from the fearless courage and visionary spirit of early British and Portuguese explorers.

The Ocean Seacrest collection, inspired by vintage dive watches, showcases a compass-influenced dial and a concealed holographic logo.

Escudo’s timepieces cater to the modern adventurer, harmonising style with functionality. The brand’s commitment to crafting watches enduring everyday adventures positions Escudo as a companion for those appreciating timeless design and practicality.

Escudo beckons enthusiasts to embark on a journey where history in uniquely designed, adventure-ready timepieces.


Farer 13194352

Farer, launched in 2015, stands as an independent British watch company driven by a horological passion for detail, design and, most importantly, distinctiveness.

Embracing the spirit of the bold explorer, Farer’s watches are tailored for adventure, melding contemporary styling with elegant period charm.

The brand’s dedication to genuine differentiation sets it apart from heritage reissues, ensuring each watch effortlessly stands out with unique designs.

Farer encourages wearers to embrace the fusion of modern style and vintage, where each collection embodies individuality and a distinctive approach to watchmaking.


Fwm fink 13194357

London-based watchmaker FWM distinguishes itself by assembling each watch by hand in its Islington workshop, setting a unique standard in an industry often dominated by mass production and automation.

The small team takes pride in the art of making each watch with precision and care, ensuring that every timepiece meets the brand’s high standards.

What makes FWM truly unique is its offering of watches as kits, allowing enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the art of watch assembly either at home or in the workshop.

This approach not only adds a personal touch to each timepiece but also invites individuals to become active participants in the creation of their own horological masterpieces.


Geckota 13194366

Geckota, founded by Jon Quinn, stands as a vibrant British watch company crafting high-quality, elegant timepieces.

Nestled near the sea in the Sussex countryside, Geckota takes immense pride in its products. The design team ensures that each watch is not just stylish but also accessible in terms of affordability.

Geckota’s commitment to a progressive approach in design, sales, and marketing is evident in its sustained success. The watches cater to both seasoned enthusiasts and first-time buyers, reflecting British pride and craftsmanship.

Geckota welcomes individuals to explore its diverse range of timepieces, seamlessly blending style, affordability, and quality.

Harold Pinchbeck

Pinchbeck 13194354

The horological legacy of Harold Pinchbeck, spanning almost three centuries, finds its origins in the 18th century. Christopher Pinchbeck I and II, renowned clockmakers to London society and King George III, laid the groundwork.

In 1923, Harold Hunter Pinchbeck established his own clock-making business, a tradition now continued by his grandson, Paul Pinchbeck. Each Pinchbeck timepiece speaks to an enduring commitment, showcasing classic English design and preserving the brand’s rich heritage.

Helicon Watches

Helicon 13194361

Helicon Watches harnesses over two decades of collective expertise to create its timepieces. Collaborating with seasoned watchmakers, engineers, and artisans, the brand makes limited-edition watches that merge art and mechanics.

Embracing an unwavering commitment to quality, Helicon ensures accessibility with thoughtfully priced, exquisite watches. The brand’s ethos, focused on democratising luxury, underscores a dedication to leaving a mark in horology by offering a distinctive fusion of accessibility and craftsmanship.


Iota 13194378

IOTA, an independent watch brand by brothers Ed and Will Allen, finds inspiration in British design and watchmaking heritage. Their shared passion for timepieces birthed a unique British perspective in horology.

IOTA’s distinction lies in melding British creativity with Swiss engineering, resulting in contemporary wristwatches honouring British roots yet captivating international travellers and design-conscious collectors.

Each IOTA timepiece signifies a seamless blend of heritage and innovation, reflecting the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship with a global aesthetic.


Isotope 13194356

Founded in 2016 by José and Joana Miranda, Isotope Watches is dedicated to revolutionising watch design by pushing the boundaries of traditional design.

The brand seamlessly integrates elements from Pop, Art Deco, Art Moderne, and Brutalist design, resulting in truly distinctive and captivating watches. Isotope’s commitment to creativity is evident in every timepiece, making it a standout player in the watchmaking industry.

With innovative designs and affordable luxury, Isotope invites enthusiasts to embrace the unconventional and experience timekeeping in a way that transcends traditional norms.

Marloe Watch Company

Marloe 13194355

Established in 2015 by Oliver Goffe and Gordon Fraser, Marloe Watch Company draws inspiration from human endeavours. The founders’ shared passion for manual mechanical movements led to the creation of a brand devoted to timepieces inspired by extraordinary stories.

Each Marloe watch pays tribute to individuals who dedicated their time to something remarkable, weaving narratives into its designs that tell stories of human achievement and invite wearers to connect with the spirit of adventure and perseverance encapsulated in each of its timepieces.


Nite 13194379

After its founding in 2003, distinguished British brand Nite embarked on a mission to create classically designed watches capable of withstanding any outdoor adventure.

Roger Green, the founder, pioneered the use of Tritium illumination in the UK, setting the brand apart. Nite watches, equipped with Swiss-made movements and made with the finest materials, fuse style and rugged reliability.

Reflecting the brand’s commitment to precision and durability, Nite watches incorporate specialised technology, making them an essential choice for those who demand uncompromising performance in challenging outdoor environments.


Nomadic 13194364

Emerging from Belfast, Nomadic embodies an unyielding spirit of adventure. Established by Peter McAuley, the brand specialises in adventure-resistant timepieces armed with Swiss mechanical movements.

Nomadic’s design philosophy mirrors the elegance and resilience born from Belfast’s ship-building legacy, encapsulating the very essence of exploration.

Effortlessly fusing practicality with style, Nomadic watches evolve into reliable companions for those venturing into uncharted territories.

The brand’s unwavering dedication to design, coupled with the precision of Swiss movements, guarantees that each timepiece harmonises with the adventurous landscapes of Northern Ireland, resonating with both quality and a daring spirit.

Olivier Meylan

Olivier meylan 01 13194367

Hailing from Britain, Olivier Meylan distinguishes itself with a distinctive viewpoint, delving into a heritage rooted in Swiss watchmaking. Merging Swiss mechanical traditions with contemporary British flair, the brand produces timepieces that epitomise both legacy and ingenuity.

Olivier Meylan’s watches encapsulate a contemporary British essence, harmonising seamlessly with the pinnacle of Swisshorology. The brand’s commitment to intricate detail illuminates every facet of its timepieces, weaving a distinctive narrative at the crossroads of two horological realms.

This results in an unmistakable identity that blends tradition and modern design, showcasing a unique synthesis of the brand’s rich legacy and forward-looking creativity.


Omologato 13194362

Founded in 2015 by Shami Kalra, Omologato is a brand of precision and passion, dedicated to exceptional motorsport-inspired timepieces that pay homage to iconic locations, cars, and figures.

With a diverse collection of more than 40 watches, including exclusive limited editions, each timepiece undergoes intricate hand-assembly. Housing a cutting-edge chronograph movement, Omologato’s watches feature personalised dials and straps and are a celebration of motorsport heritage.

Under Kalra’s visionary leadership, every Omologato watch emerges as a testament to the exhilaration and elegance of motorsport, where performance intertwines with quintessential British design.


Pinion 13194381

Since 2013, Pinion has passionately dedicated itself to producing limited batches of exquisite timepieces with classically proportioned designs powered by cutting-edge automatic, and rare ‘new-old-stock’ hand-wound, mechanical movements.

This brand’s sophisticated outlook is exemplified in watches that mix traditional aesthetics with contemporary precision. Pinion distinguishes itself by eschewing transient trends, prioritising enduring design principles that ensure lasting allure.

Targeting discerning enthusiasts, Pinion’s watches epitomise the harmonious fusion of traditional charm and modern engineering, boasting a restricted production run that underscores exclusivity.


Pompeak 13194370

Pompeak’s story unfolds as an inherently British one, initiated by two siblings from Bristol who, amidst a teatime conversation, delved into the artistry of finely-crafted timepieces.

Infused with a fervour for horology, Pompeak is propelled by an unwavering dedication to producing watches that mirror the personal preferences of its founding brothers. The brand orchestrates every aspect, from movement intricacies to material selections, driven by an unparalleled passion.

Discovering Pompeak is finding a brand where quintessential British craftsmanship converges with an authentic adoration for watches, culminating in timepieces that echo style, functionality, and the distinctive essence of their Bristolian heritage.


Schofield 13194365

Situated in the tranquil Sussex countryside, Schofield stands as a distinctive British watchmaker, navigating its own trajectory since 2008 under the guidance of CEO Giles Ellis.

Eschewing industry trends, Schofield caters to individuals who appreciate profound thought and purpose in their timepieces.

Reflecting Ellis’s love of horology, the brand’s strap-lines, including “Pioneering watchmakers from the new era” encapsulate Schofield’s commitment to the craft. Embracing a philosophy untethered by industry influences, Schofield’s watches defy conventional design, aging with a fusion of artistic depth and unwavering craftsmanship that resonates with those seeking timepieces beyond the commonplace.


Sidereus 13194353

Established in 2019, Sidereus Watches design and hand-build limited edition watches in rural Ireland. The inaugural collection, Brú na Bóinne, is not just a series of timepieces; it is a homage to the origins of horology and the marking of time in Ireland for over 5,000 years.

The Brú na Bóinne collection’s bold, contemporary designs take inspiration from the side elevations of the Stone Age tumuli found at Brú na Bóinne. This area, defined by a bend of the River Boyne, holds significance as one of the world’s most important prehistoric landscapes.

The megalithic monuments, inscribed with rock art and inscriptions, serve as a testament to a prehistoric peoples’ concept of the world. Sidereus Watches, through its Brú na Bóinne collection, not only captures the essence of Ireland’s rich heritage but also weaves a narrative that transcends time, connecting wearers with a profound sense of history.

Sinclair Harding Clocks

Sinclaire harding 13194368

Originally founded in 1967 by William Sinclair and Mike Harding, Sinclair Harding Clocks has a storied history rooted in traditional craftsmanship. The company’s dedication to the art of clock making is evident in every element, from gold and platinum plating to engraving and silvering of dials, all performed by a team that has mastered the traditional crafts and skills of clock making.

Today, Sinclair Harding stands as a beacon of traditional craftsmanship, with a team of nine, seven of whom are members of the Bray family. Director and custodian Bob Bray leads the team with a meticulous attention to detail and a focus on efficiency and improvement. Since 1995, over 1000 characterful and lovingly crafted clocks have been produced, embodying the fine design and mesmerizing mechanics for which Sinclair Harding is renowned.

In a world where mass production often dominates, Sinclair Harding Clocks preserves the essence of true craftsmanship, creating timepieces that tell not just the time but also a story of tradition and dedication.

The Great British Watch Company

Gbw 1 13194377

The Great British Watch Company stands as a beacon of bespoke hand-crafted watchmaking in Great Britain. The brand’s unique, historically inspired timepieces seamlessly combine cutting-edge British technology with traditional hand-finished techniques.

The “Dirty Dozen” watch pays homage to the original Watch Wrist Waterproof (W.W.W.) made by 12 companies for the British Army during WW2. The upcoming “The Few” watch, crafted from a WW2 Spitfire, connects enthusiasts with their passion for aviation. The Great British Watch Company invites individuals to explore personalized, hand-crafted timepieces that bridge the gap between historical inspiration and modern craftsmanship.

Thomas James Clocks

Thomas james 13194374

Thomas James is an independent English clock company dedicated to creating large statement timepieces that stand out while complementing the most opulent interiors. The brand’s focus on clean and classic contemporary designs sets its clocks apart as exceptional pieces of functional art.

In a world where timepieces are not only tools but also expressions of personal style, Thomas James Clocks caters to individuals who appreciate the marriage of expert craftsmanship and engineering.

Each clock produced by the brand is a statement of opulence, reflecting the brand’s commitment to producing exceptional pieces that transcend mere timekeeping. In the world of Thomas James Clocks, time becomes an art form, and every piece is an eloquent expression of sophistication.


Vertex 13194358

Established in 1916, Vertex Watches is a storied brand with a rich history and a significant legacy in military timepieces, notably during World War II. Founded by Claude Lyons, Vertex gained prominence for its durable and accurate watches, becoming the preferred choice among British military personnel.

In recent years, Vertex has experienced a revival under the leadership of Claude’s great-grandson, Don Cochrane. Don played a pivotal role in resurrecting Vertex, honoring its historical significance while infusing a modern touch.

The watches, featuring Swiss movements and premium materials, serve as a bridge between the brand’s heritage and contemporary design. Vertex Watches, with Don Cochrane at the helm, continues to weave a narrative that connects the past with the present, celebrating both the legacy of watchmaking and the evolving essence of style.

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