Warrior doors that thwarted Boodles ram raiders installed at Gucci flagship

Boodles in Knightsbridge was attacked in March 2018, but the ram raid failed thanks to Warrior Doors (picture @tmeyeuk/Twitter )

Warrior Doors has installed a secure storefront for Gucci at its Sloane Street, London, flagship store.

Warrior Doors is a British company, based in Birmingham, that designs, manufactures and installs complete shop fronts designed to prevent ram raiders and other intruders breaking into the premises.

The company’s solution was credited for thwarting an attack on Boodles, also on Sloane Street in London, earlier this year.


In March, a gang wielding axes and hammers fled empty handed after trying to smash their way into the luxury watches and jewellery boutique.

A Land Rover was used to try to ram through the storefront in a daylight raid, but the criminals failing to break through the shop’s newly installed reinforced Warrior Doors.

The Warrior Doors installation for Gucci is a fully glazed shopfront to provide shoppers with a crystal-clear view inside, while also ensuring the appropriate level of security to keep both Gucci’s staff and shoppers safe.

Warrior Doors’ managing director Brett Barratt notes: “This is a big day in the history of Warrior Doors. We are proud to have worked with such a distinguished brand as Gucci. I feel proud knowing that a Warrior Storefront is keeping Gucci’s staff safe and secure.


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