Why does the Patek Philippe 5101P cost more than an average UK house?

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Pre-owned watch specialist Watchfinder has created a series of videos examining the beauty, complexity and sometimes downright peculiarity of the fine watch world.

In this video, Alex Stonely, Watchfinder director of retail, tries to make sense of why a Patek Philippe 5101P sold brand new for £300,000, almost 50% more than the average new house price for the UK in January 2018, which Halifax building society recorded as £223,285.

Watchfinder’s expert revels in the remarkable craftsmanship of the watch. The caliber 28-20/220 movement is comprised of 72 parts and features a highly desirable tourbillion, a device which averages out minor imbalances in the movement for outstanding accuracy, which is sensationally showcased on the rear of the case, Mr Stonely describes.

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The entire watch is polished, beveled, striped and grained by hand to an unbeatable finish by artisan watchmakers, and in the video viewers are immersed in the exquisite details of the watch.

“The Patek Philippe 5101P is a very special piece, a stunning combination of form and function and the pinnacle of watchmaking. It goes without saying that this 5101P would sit pride of place in any great collection, or on any wrist,” Mr Stonely oozes.

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