Hublot hopes to catch the eye of Baselworld buyers with canary yellow Spirit of Big Bang


Catching the eye of burnt out buyers at Baselworld is never easy, but Hublot has given itself a decent chance with the creation of a bright yellow Sapphire Spirit of Big Bang.

The watch was previewed to a select audience in Geneva in January, but could a star piece at the Basel fair thanks to its sunny disposition.

Hublot watches capture the “art of fusion”, the company says, and this is demonstrated best in its mastery of sapphire, which has already been used to create transparent cases in smoked black, blue and red in previous years.


Once dug out of the ground in tiny quantities, Hublot now makes large, uniform, transparent and colored sapphires that, when used in watch cases, give a 360 window into the inner workings of its movements.




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