Elevon pilot watches take flight with Resultco and its virtual inventory model


Resultco is offering its retail partners a family of pilot watches from Atlanta-based business Elevon.

The key collection this year is the Elevon Hughes Men’s Watch, a 45mm steel family that retails for £130.

Elevon produces high precision timepieces for pilots and flight watch enthusiasts. The company’s watches call back to the golden era of flight with iconic dials and brushed stainless cases.

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Elevon watches are more than just stylish timepieces, they were crafted to undergo immense stresses of early flights.

Powered by high quality Japan quartz movements, Elevon timepieces remain true to the second – making them reliable for any and every aerial foray.

Resultco works with its retail partners on a ‘virtual inventory’ model. This allows retailers to advertise watches online without needing to buy that stock. When a watch is sold, Resultco handles all logisitics and delivery, and then pays the retailer its cut of the sale.

The beauty of the model is that retailers can offer a large number of watches from different brands without ever needing to tie up cashflow on stock or worry about inventory management, order fulfillment or other logistics.

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