Zenith CEO takes to Youtube to deliver summer message to customers and partners


Video-conferencing has been around for years, but it took this year’s pandemic for zooming to become a term for face-to-face meetings over the internet.

Likewise with YouTube, where top chief executives would almost never compete for attention with millennial influencers until Covid-19 forced us a rethink.


Watches & Wonders, which was cancelled as a physical show in Geneva, took to the internet with most Richemont CEOs having a crack at talking down the barrel of a camera to present their visions for 2020 in YouTube-friendly clips.

Breitling also took its physical summit concept online, with CEO George Kern hosting proceedings.

We are yet to see or hear from Rolex’s Jean-Frederique Dufour or Patek Philippe’s Thierry Stern, but the Swiss have always moved forward with baby steps.

Now the world is emerging from ruinously un-targeted lock downs, we are beginning to see whether some of these trends will persist, and it appears that Julien Tornare, CEO of Zenith, wants to keep speaking directly to customers and partners through YouTube.

In a new video posted this week, he shares news of key developments over recent months and looks ahead to the rest of this year.

Zenith’s manufacture is back up and running but not yet accepting customer tours, he explains, but there is going to be a new 360 immersive experience on its website.

He also shares breaking news that Zenith’s ecommerce store is up and running in the United States, having been successfully launched in Europe earlier this year. Disappointingly, he announces there will be a focus on limited editions and boutique-only watches for sale on its own website, giving Zenith a massive competitive advantage over retail partners that are painstakingly supporting the brand to their local customers.

Like any good movie maker, Mr Tornare finishes with a cliff-hanger by promising a very important live event in September, without giving any details.


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