Xupes stars in Channel 4’s Second Hand for 50 Grand TV show


First the jewellery business was given a shot in the arm with the BBC’s All that Glitters reality TV competition, now the pre-owned luxury watch industry is getting a similar leg-up from a Channel 4 documentary that follows the fortunes of Xupes, a specialist in second hand timepieces, handbags and other luxuries.

A promotion for the documentary Second Hand for 50 Grand shows how sophisticated the pre-owned market has become for luxury goods.


“An entire industry has sprung up sourcing the luxury second-hand goods of our dreams – items costing anything from £2000 to £200,000. This documentary follows the staff of Xupes, a successful business run by savvy millennials hoping to corner the market in pre-owned luxury. Xupes go the extra mile to hunt down the exact handbags, watches or jewellery on their clients’ wish lists and find out the personal stories behind them,” a Channel 4 promotion describes.

The days of dodgy dealers hawking second hand Rolex watches from the inside of their trench coats is long gone, with the most desirable timepieces now selling for up to double their brand new prices.

Xupes shows how far the industry has come.

Its UK headquarters, known as the Wheat Barn, is a converted 17th century barn with dedicated client spaces as well as a fully equipped watchmaking centre, professional photography studio and office space for their 50 staff.

The company was launched in 2009 by Joseph McKenzie, who stars in the Channel 4 program, and his father Frank.

Second Hand for 50 Grand first aired on April 21 and can be streamed today on All 4.

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