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WOTY 2014: Vulcain 50s President Manual raspberry


Highly Commended. Trendsetting Watches of the Year 2014.

It just seems plain wrong that Vulcain still doesn’t have a retail presence in the UK. The historic brand has been producing watches that have graced the wrists of no fewer than four US presidents, including Tricky Dicky, since 1858.

The company even invented the alarm mechanical complication as still displayed to this day in its Cricket-equipped watches, which unsurprisingly sound like crickets going off. At the end of the summer Vulcain decided to update the dial colours of its 50s President Manual model with a Hershey brown and an eye-catching, yet divisive, Raspberry.


As recently as the October issue of WatchPro we weren’t sure on the raspberry. It’s a dazzling colour choice for a watch design from such a conservative era, but we’re now ready to give our backing to the seemingly incongruous pairing. And if you’re going to go with raspberry you might as well have the diamond –set bezel as well.


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