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WOTY 2014: SevenFriday M2-1


Highly Commended. Trendsetting Watches of the Year 2014.

Daniel Niederer’s weekend watch concept has spread like wildfire using social media and its outrageous design concepts to create a massive stir in the watch world.

It’s a two pronged concept seeking to appeal to both a young market and buyers in search of a second watch. The latest M-Series design is perhaps even less legible than the debut P-series but, let’s face it, with SevenFriday displaying the time comes in a close second or even third behind being eye-catching and giving the sense of complication.


Traditional watch hands have been disposed of entirely with the M2-1 using concentric hour, minute and second dials and line markers to indicate the time. Bare steel, a swathe of black PVD and copper coloured time surfaces create an industrial look inspired by commercial jet engines.


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