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WOTY 2014: Nomos Lambda Deep Blue


Highly Commended. Luxury Watches of the Year 2014.

Nomos introduced the Lambda in 2013, along with its Lux model, to share with the world the technical expertise on tap at its Glashutte manufacture.

With its Bauhaus design sensibilities (courtesy of a Berlin design studio) and a reserved approach to colour (that until last month’s Lux Cicada colourway was only breached by the outlandish Super Tangente 30 collection) Nomos has, in recent years, attracted a hipster crowd.


But it also turns out that they are very adept at watch-making and the Lambda is one half of a two-model showcase designed to display just that. Both models more than double Nomos’ previous highest price point, which might have made for an uncomfortable proposition were these watches not low volume, high quality pieces.

Nomos can make no more than one or two pieces a week. That extra spend is reflected in some solid 18ct gold cases and glorious movement decoration, visible through the exhibition caseback. This latest addition uses a Deep Blue dial and white gold case.


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