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WOTY 2014: Bomberg Bolt 68 Skull


Highly Commended. Trendsetting Watches of the Year 2014.

Bomberg wasn’t the only watch brand showing off detachable watch heads at Basel this year; Hamilton’s limited edition, aviation-instrumentation inspired Take Off has already sold-out due to publicity generated at the show.

However Bomberg was the only brand promoting the sartorial benefits of such a watch. The limited edition black PVD Bolt 68 Skull will be sold with both a watch strap and ornate skull-link chain allowing the bullhead chrono to be worn as either a wristwatch, pendant or pocket watch.


Interest has been huge across Europe and while the morbid/cheerful Mexican Day of the Dead artwork will never appeal to the mainstream, the limited edition is bound to sell out quickly and draw attention to the fledgling brand.


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