WOLF springs into action with marketing plan to keep retail partner sales turning

Picture courtesy of WOLF.

WOLF is hoping to help its retail partners generate sales of its watch winders and accessories by helping to design promotional e-mails on their behalf.

Many smaller stores that do not have the design and marketing capabilities of a global organisation like WOLF can get help with designing e-shots for their customers.


When the e-shots lead to sales, WOLF will handle all the logistics of delivery.

“Many of you have been told to close your stores, self-isolate or go into quarantine. The immediate challenge is to keep your engine running,” says WOLF CEO Simon Wolf.

“WOLF’s offices in UK, USA and Hong Kong are closed, but we are working remotely and can still ship orders,” he adds.

WOLF’s offer is to design an email newsletter branded with a store’s name with links that point to your website. When the store receives an order, it can be sent to WOLF, which will ship it and send a tracking number for the retailer to pass to its customer.

Key to the offer is that WOLF will waive the dropship fee and send packages at no charge.

Retailers can list the very latest WOLF products on their ecommerce sites without needing to tie up cash buying the stock.

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