We could have made more MoonSwatches says Omega CEO


When Raynald Aeschliman, Omega’s president and CEO, developed the MoonSwatch concept directly with Swatch Group’s CEO Nick Hayek, they knew it would cause waves across the industry, not least because it was announced just days before the return of Watches & Wonders Geneva, the biggest luxury watch fair in the world, but one in which no Swatch Group brand participates.

But how big would it be, and would MoonSwatch benefit Omega, which lent the legendary Speedmaster’s design to the £207 bioceramic Swatch?

“From the beginning I was not sure about the huge success. It would we too arrogant for me to say we knew it,” Mr Aeschliman says in an interview with Esquire UK.

Wild and, at times, dangerous crowds fighting to get a MoonSwatch in the early weeks of its launch, were hardly on message for the conservative Swiss watch industry, and Mr Aeschliman hints that things might have been handled differently had the team anticipated the hysteria.

“Maybe,” he admits. “Production might have been much bigger”.


Crowd control might also have been easier had Swatch started selling MoonSwatch online.

Instead, Mr Hayek made the decision to make MoonSwatch a magnet for its global network of physical stores by making them the only point of sale for the watches.

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  1. Hi I’m only now seeing the “apeal” of the moon swatch” I had no idea how popular these models are! Personally I am more than pleased with my purchase of the “ sapphire sandwich “ it makes me appreciate how beautiful this watch is I do feel for people who need to buy a replica moon swatch that’s only my opinion .

  2. I was interested in purchasing the MoonSwatch. Tried various outlets in UK. Even whilst in Dubai I waited on two for the opportunity to purchase the item for 3 hours. Only to be beaten by buyers who bought them and proceeded to sell them at an marked up cost. Very disappointed that the sale is not online.

  3. So, no commentary on what a colossal dick-move all of this was??

    Either put the MoonSwatch online, or have enough stock of every model available at the stores.

    I went to NYC and neither the 5th Ave or Times Square Swatch stores had the Mission to The Moon available.

    I am a hetero-sexual, CIS gender, white male; I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing any on the fruity-colored MoonSwatches. Let the “Queer Eye” cast buy up the Mission to Venus.

    What bullshit

  4. The CEO is a liar, it was originally said it’d be sold online and has now said they won’t. That it’s to get people out after COVID which sounds fair but why the back track. Why’s it still so difficult to get one. And what about all the people that live really far from the stores. Feels like they don’t give a monkeys about their customers.

  5. A masterpiece of marketing and hype, unfortunately the end product is a piece of plastic which, in my opinion, will damage the Omega/Seamaster Brand.

  6. Sadly still a overpriced plastic toy watch. Glad I don’t buy into the hype of marketing. It is a Swatch watch and moonswatch in name only and homage to the original Omega. Each to their own.

  7. A definitive moment or an opportunistic one. Either way the public have shown that accessible watches do have a niche if marketed properly. Did it dent the apple watch juggernaut and put more people into the right path? Now that would be colossal.

  8. I think that omega thinks it’s elitist moon swatch stunt is good for its image I will never buy an omega they’re not for me

  9. Looked at four different colours in the Swatch store in Bordeaux and was very disappointed with all of them. Cheap and tacky. The Swatch Irony chrono is far better made, looks classy and is much cheaper.

  10. I attempted to purchase a Moonswatch as I couldn’t afford an Omega Speedmaster. I looked around and found the Bulova Luna pilot at just $120 more than the Moonswatch. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Thanks Swatch Group for helping me to find the best value watch available.

  11. Disgusted that Hayek said they’d be available online then changing his mind – a real dick move that’s alienated thousands of us. I’d rather chew my arm off than go to the cesspit that is London to get one. Seemed stupid doing all the frankly gay colours, should have released all moon moonswatches (grey) & they’d have been more likely to meet demand.
    Personally I think it’s good for OMEGA, raises the profile of our hobby & introduces it to youngsters and poorer folks. Disgusted at the flippers, but guess all hobbies have tossers who are keen to exploit the bandwagon.
    I’ll get one one day, but no hurry – it’ll be the moon and I won’t pay over retail

  12. i wanted one but cannot justify a ferry ride and 2 hr drive to a Swatch store only to be told no stock in the store. I am done do not want it anymore. verry disappointing considering I love my OMEGA DEVILLE. but sorry I HAVE better things to do with my time. no longer interested in any swatch products. I am done.

  13. somehow the entire concept, designed as it was to be a fad, no longer appeals to me. I was initially very intrigued, but the unavailability and all the hype surrounding people standing in lines, overnight, etc. turned me off. I don’t like being manipulated, and I have enough going on in my life not to invest so much time in trouble in a plastic watch. In a year or two, there will be hordes of them on eBay. not sure if I would pull the trigger. Even then it’s the whole experience has been turned off.

  14. My nearest store is 1000klm away and when I get there, they are out of stock. I can’t keep going. What other company is happy to continually turn customers away!

  15. I bought one for 18 dollars more than retail onthe Grey Market.

    It’s not as robust as I expected. Dosent fit my bigger wrist well with the strap either. Ordered a few straps to play with.

    I am of the opinion that these will drive sales of “real” Omega watches. Not hurt or damage the brand at all. They do look good and with celebs starting to be seen in them, and having them accessable with a great price it opens the brand to a new set of eyes and fans. Win/win for brands.

    It’s not like there’s much of an Omega shortage in supply/demand. It’s not like Rolex and Gshock are co-branding a piece.

  16. Swatch must understand the resellers are making a mess out of purchasibg the watch. I must have been to midvallwy outlet easily 100 times and managed to get all but moon mercury and neptune. No one seems to help the genuine buyer. Hope something can ve done so that resellers dont take advantage of situation

  17. Bought the Sapphire Sandwich. Dreamed of buying it since I was a kid. Life’s too short, money comes and goes and nobody else knows what you really want in life. Treat yourself and connect with what really matters.
    Might get this as a side arm.


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