WATCHPRO ORIGINALS: How Christopher Ward is accelerating its growth during the lock down


Christopher Ward is open for business as usual at both its Swiss-based assembly plant and its British headquarters. Only two people from the organisation have been furloughed, and that is for health reasons, the remainder are being paid a premium on top of their usual salaries to keep working.

And, while the majority of watch brands and retailers have slashed all advertising, Christopher Ward is launching a brand new television campaign this week.

The company’s co-founder and managing director, Mike France, believes his may be the only British organisation in past month to have created an original television advertisement except for the UK government. It goes live across Sky channels from Friday.


The key for Christopher Ward is that it is a vertically integrated business with watch assembly in Switzerland and all sales taking place online through its own ecommerce site.

So, as retailers around the world close their doors, Christopher Ward has continued to reach out to its customers through digital channels and, from this week, television.

Listening to Mr France speak so optimistically about the future for his company is the sort of tonic we all need in these difficult times.

WatchPro recommends switching from Joe Wicks to Mike France your morning uplift.






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