THE ONLY WATCH CHARITY AUCTION — Introducing exclusive watches 41-49


The Only Watch charity auction, which raises money for Muscular Dystrophy research, takes place in Geneva on November 11.

Here, and in linked articles, WatchPro features unique watches created specially for the sale by the world’s leading watchmakers. The auction is being managed and run by Christie’s, which will accept bids both in the saleroom and online.


Estimate: CHF 20,000 – 28,500

For its second participation to Only Watch, Speake-Marin offers a unique piece developed in collaboration with their ambassador Pierce Brosnan: the Resilience Love life. This timepiece belongs to the J-Class collection, vividly reflecting the brand DNA. Easily recognisable with its clean, crisp lines and characteristic design elements, this 38 mm timepiece in red gold has the inscription “Love Life” on its dial, originally written by Pierce Brosnan himself.

These two words, which summarize the fight of Only Watch, find also their place in the signature of all the e-mails of the actor, showing his love of life and his will to keep hope in every situation. The actor has also signed the back of the watch, reinforcing the unique nature of this watch. The inscription “Only Watch 2017” has been added to dedicate this unique piece to the association which deserve all the support possible in its fight against the Duchenne muscular dystrophy.


Speake-Marin developed with their ambassador Pierce Brosnan an unique watch, “Resilience Love Life”, to bring all the support possible to Only Watch in the their fight again the Duchenne muscular dystrophy.


Speake Marin


Estimate: CHF 15,000 – 25,000




TAG Heuer Luxury Kit “Only Watch” Special Edition includes the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45, the mechanical module Heuer-02-T Tourbillon in-house movement and an additional strap. Both watches are made of a titanium Grade 5 case, with the tourbillon being black PVD coated.


A unique experience will also be included in the package: a lunch for four people with Jean- Claude Biver, CEO of TAG Heuer and President of the Watch Division of LVMH Group, about the evolution of the watch industry the last 20 years, and the challenges for the future.




Estimate: CHF 4,500 – 5,500

A famed supplier of the world’s largest navies, TUDOR has also equipped numerous expeditions. The Black Bay Bronze, with its unique combination of design, colour and materials, echoes these exciting times. This TUDOR flagship model is offered to Only Watch in a unique configuration with the winding crown on the left and a khaki green dial.

Worn on the right wrist, its ergonomic design is ideal for left-handed people. As its name would suggest, the Black Bay Bronze One’s case is made of bronze – an aluminium bronze alloy used in naval engineering – the appearance of which changes over time, typically darkening to a rich and noble patina. Fitted with a manufacture calibre with official chronometer certification, this unique piece is a concentration of the brand’s distinctive characteristics.


In addition, the future owner of the Black Bay Bronze One will get the once in a lifetime opportunity to visit TUDOR’s Headquarters in Geneva. This exceptional invitation for one person, a first for TUDOR which runs no visit program, will include travel expenses.




Estimate: CHF 21,000 – 32,000

Ulysse Nardin is proud and excited to support Only Watch by presenting an exclusive Marine Tourbillon Only Watch timepiece designed especially for this year’s event. Yellow tints on the 7 hour indexes and the power reserve indicator pay homage to this 7th edition of Only Watch.

The mechanical Marine model, with a delicate blue enamel dial, is emblematic of our historic marine timepieces, a heritage that stretches back to the mid 19th century and founder Ulysse Nardin himself. The blue Grand Feu enamel dial is a rarity, and the skilled craftsmen at Ulysse Nardin company Donzé Cadrans are among the very few to have mastered this ancient technique.

A flying tourbillon – one of the most impressively complex mechanisms in the world of Haute Horlogerie – takes pride of place at 6 o’clock, while a 60-hour power reserve ensures this timepiece is a reliable partner to all those who demand accuracy over time.




Estimate: CHF 55,000 – 85,000

The VOUTILAINEN 28S movement contains a proprietary sprung-balance system that ensures perfect timing of the watch according to strict tolerance criteria. The balance has four gold inertia-blocks to adjust the daily rate.

To equip this exceptional timepiece, a unique and very rare balance-spring system has been used. The outside is a typical Breguet overcoil, while the inner terminal follows the less common Grossmann principle.

The watch’s outstanding feature is its escapement; it is the first watch to present two escape-wheels in such a configuration. The escape-wheels provide a direct impulse to the balance through the roller/jewel. This escapement is extremely efficient and requires less energy than traditional lever escapements, offering gains in terms of longevity and stability in everyday use.

The sublimely elegant balance-cock offers an unobstructed view of the escapement and balance. It also allows the enthusiast to admire the synchronised movements of the escape-wheels.

Finishing of the watch is of the very highest standard. The surfaces of pinions and wheels are totally flat and perfectly polished to exceptionally uniform tolerances. All finishing work on the main plate and bridges is carried out by hand to attain the best possible surface finish. Screws and all steel surfaces are finished and polished by hand.




Estimate: CHF 12,000 – 18,000

Zenith is proud to be associate and able to support this campaign by donating a unique edition of the breathtaking innovation of 2017, the Defy El Primero 21 Only Watch Edition, with a new 1/100th of a second Chronograph movement and a double chain structure with two regulators. 44 mm black DLC titanium case with touches of yellow especially dedicated to Only Watch, this unique Defy El Primero 21 will be auctioned in a customized Only watch box.


For the lucky owner of the watch, there will be a unique experience with Zenith: a trip to the discovery of one of the most important swiss Manufacture of the world, the Zenith Swiss Watch Manufacture.


Estimate: CHF 60,000 – 90,000Following the tradition of constant innovation and excellency of the great masters watchmakers, De Bethune is proud to propose, this edition, a reinterpretation of a traditional horological creation using the current, technical and aesthetic innovations of today and based on the emblematic architecture of the Monaco’s yacht club by Foster and Partners, a symbolic centerpiece of Monaco’s remodeled harbor front.

This combination between know-how, art and technology through a very unique object dedicated to mechanics and architecture, returns to the watchmaking tradition of clock manufacturing, symbolizing the universality of time and the bond between people and their environment.

This chronometer is also celebrating Research and Discovery with a unique mirror game in bronze, the same material than Galileo’s one used for his night-time observations. Spiral shaped, it deepens into the heart of the mechanic as much at it refers to the emblematic buildings’ stairs. An exceptional piece of contemporary design and a tremendous demonstration of craftmanship.


De Bethune


Estimate: CHF 18,000 – 28,000

In 2017, after nine years of development, Agenhor presented the AgenGraphe®, the world’s most advanced chronograph movement.  It features a revolutionary central, coaxial, elapsed time display offering unparalleled legibility for a wristwatch, plus a dial-side winding rotor that does not obscure appreciation of its mechanical beauty.

For Only Watch, Agenhor presents Carpe Diem, powered by the very first production AgenGraphe® movement manufactured and delivered by Agenhor. Carpe Diem is a fully functioning desk clock and chronograph that can be orientated through 360 degrees:  instead of hands, five rotating disks display time and elapsed time.

Agenhor is a movement supplier, not a brand; this truly unique piece has been designed in collaboration with students at the Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD), who imagined a transparent ball magnifying the beauty of this next-generation chronograph movement.  The concept of highlighting what’s normally hidden is inspired by the vibrant minds and personalities of children with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.




Estimate: CHF 12,000 – 22,000

This unique commemorative timepiece from the WOSTEP watchmaking school in Switzerland is a collaboration of 16 WOSTEP alumni who have all have signed this unique time piece: Stephen Forsey, Bart Grönfeld, Tim Grönefeld, Marco Koskinen, Stewart Lesemann, Marko Makinen, Stephen McDonnell, John McGonigle, Maarten Pieters, Clas-Hendrik Pihl, Jouni Polanen, Mika Saikku, Stepan Sarpaneva, Peter Speake-Marin, Kari Voutilainen and Simo Ylitalo.

Presentation box offered by Philippe Bolay, Vaudaux SA. Engraving offered by Charles Andre Mosset, Cronal SA, Fiona Kruger vectorized signatures, Guy Lucas de Peslouan photographer. WOSTEP has historically provided the industry with some of the top watchmakers of our time: students have gone on to create their own brands, some are master watchmakers working behind the scenes within the industry and others have gone on to train future generations.  This timepiece embodies the comradery of an industry, our humanity and a noble cause.


WOSTEP has played a key role in the development of many watchmakers professional lives whose origins are from outside of Switzerland. In addition to the professional advancement WOSTEP has united and developed an international community of watchmakers and subsequently friendships that have spanned a lifetime have ensued. This ONLYWATCH is the result of a group of these friends, the idea of an individual quickly shared and adopted by the group with an enthusiasm which personifies the friendship and unity of a very special band of brothers.

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