Warrior Sliding Doors provide secure contactless entry for jewellers


It is day one for retailers emerging from the ruinous lock down and getting back to doing what they have always done: treating customers to a joyous shopping experience for watches and jewellery in a safe and secure environment.

Inevitably, shopkeepers will have to build confidence after months of relentless scare stories from the government, scientists and the media, and one place this will come into sharp relief will be entering and leaving stores where dozens of people every hour could be pushing and pulling at doors.


Warrior Doors, a specialist in secure shop frontages, has a solution in the form of its Warrior Sliding Door, which provides a contactless way for punters to enter and leave a store while maintaining the highest level of security for the retailer.

“Traditional security doors are also often heavy for customers and necessitate physical contact with the door, or proximity with the doorman opening it. The Warrior Sliding Door is controlled by a button behind the counter, allowing jewellers total control over the number of people in a store at one time, enabling them to safely maintain social distance amongst their customers,” the company describes.

For even greater protection, Warrior Sliding Doors can be installed as a pair to create an airlock between the store and the street, as seen at Lister Horsfall in Halifax.

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