Vitae London to launch range of ethical watches


Richard Branson-backed philanthropic watch brand, Vitae London, is to unveil its Season IV line.

The Season IV, a unisex, matte black watch, is available exclusively through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign on May 30, offering backers the timepiece at a discounted rate.


The range is adapted from Vitae London’s limited edition Walmer Midnight line. The brand decided to design a permanent range of similar watches – adding Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver highlights and a Swiss Movement – after the original batch sold out within weeks.

“Each Season marks a new era for us,” said Will Adoasi, Vitae London’s founder and Virgin StartUp ambassador.

He added: “It’s the way we’ve always done it – the natural evolution of the brand.  We’ve seen what people have really gravitated towards and we’ve taken a lot of feedback from our customers. That has allowed us to develop a product that will resonate with our customers and give them the aesthetic they love”.

Richard Branson commented: “What you (Vitae London) are doing is great, very simple but effective.”

By offering his new watch range exclusively through Indiegogo, and by offering rewards such as limited edition gift sets and the chance to see the result of Vitae London’s charitable work in Southern Africa, Adoasi hopes to raise enough funds to grow in the retail market.

Sales of Vitae London watches in 26 countries have funded more than 1,100 school uniforms for children in Southern Africa.

Beyond the brand’s website, Vitae London watches are currently available in London’s Utter Couture, and Les Tresor in Johannesburg, South Africa.

For Londoner Adoasi, the son of two Ghanaian parents, Vitae London’s success is measured by its impact in his home continent. Only second-generation educated, his father was the first in his family’s line to learn how to read and write. Education, says Adoasi, was the key to breaking a perpetual cycle of poverty in his family, something that allowed him to live in London, “one of the best cities in the world”.

“My passion is to create opportunities for other young people across Africa to break that cycle of poverty. I truly believe education is the key in order to do that. I want to help people who look just like me, but are unable to reach their full potential due to a lack of access to education and resources.” says Adoasi.

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