VIDEO OF THE DAY: AVI-8 presents its 2017 Flyboy Automatic Camouflage watch


The AVI-8 Flyboy Camouflage collection is the latest addition to the brand’s Flyboy range of watches.


Camouflage was used, and continues to be used in the theatre of modern air conflict. By employing different shades of colours that mimic the terrain that the planes would fly over, pilots could count on a certain element of elusiveness from their enemies in the air and on the ground.

In the Flyboy camouflage collection, the Flyboy takes on this legacy of invisibility along with the fashionable credibility that has been re-imagined by designers leaning on camouflage and its military subtext to create apparel and accessories for a timeless utility based appeal.

While the Camouflage editions match their dial face to strap, the hour indexes on the dial come together on the watch with utter visibility and clarity against the varying shades and tones of the 3 executions presented.

The strap is a supply yet robust blend of cotton canvas with and underlining of leather in solid colour echoing the treatment of aircraft that would be camouflaged on the top but painted in solid colours on the bottom seemingly as a contrast.

In reality the solid greys and blues added but another dimension to the art of subtlety and evasion as the painters looked to make the aircraft ever more ambiguous against sky and sea.

Crafted out of solid stainless steel with the underlying reliable mechanics of the Miyota automatic movement, this is a watch complete with militaristic as well as fashionable credentials, according to AVI-8, which is distributed by Dartmouth Brands in the UK.

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