URWERK’s space age UR-100 watch gets Blue Planet treatment


URWERK has unveiled a Blue Planet edition of its UR-100V timepiece.

The CHF 48,000 UR-100V watch is the latest limited edition that uses URWERK’s UR 12.02 self-winding mechanical movement to drive its satellite wandering hours display.

This 25-piece limited edition displays the same dizzying array of measurements including the time on earth, and how far we are traveling through space every 20 minutes on a scale from zero to 555 kilometers.

There is also a minute hand tracking a scale of 35,740km every 20 minutes, the distance our planet travels around the sun in that time.

What’s new is the blue, which URWERK’s designer Martin Frei describes in ethereal terms.

“When I create and when I paint, all colors resonate in me, but particularly blue. During my education at the Academy of Arts and Design in Lucerne, I had the chance to study the great Florentine artist Giotto. He was the first who, at the end of the Middle Ages, painted the sky blue — dethroning Byzantine gold — and launching the realist style of painting that is normal today. I love the color of Giotto’s blue sky; it’s the same sky as ours. Blue is a color that surrounds us, that encompasses us,” he emotes.

The UR-100V Blue Planet comes in a blue PVD steel case measuring 41mm wide by 49.7mm long and 14mm deep, and with a titanium case back.

Almost all of the elements of the movement, including the automatic rotor regulated by its Windfänger turbine and the entire satellite hour display system, are also blue – as are the technical canvas strap and buckle.



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