Urwerk roars into 2021 with T-Rex edition of its UR-100


Urwerk is invoking the spirit of the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex for the latest addition to its UR-100 collection.

The UR-100V T-Rex uses the usual UR 12.02 automatic movement to drive the dial’s satellite wandering hours configuration.


The prehistoric styling comes from its bronze case, which is shaped and polished to resemble a dinosaur’s hide.

It is being made in a limited run of 22 pieces that go on sale this month for $57,000.

Urwerk’s signature method for displaying the time is through three satellites, each of four hours, rotatang on a three-armed carousel. In turn, each satellite, displaying the hour, carries a red pointer along a 60-minute scale.

The watch also displays the distance traveled by our planet every hour on a scale at 9 o’clock on the case.

A pointer shows the 555.5 km traveled by a point on the equator in a period of 20 minutes. The 20-minute scale on the other side of the dial shows the 35,742km Earth travels in its orbit around the sun in that time.

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