Ulysse Nardin heads to French Riviera to promote haute horlogerie at Cannes Film Festival


Ulysse Nardin is using this week’s Cannes Film Festival to highlight the shared creativity and artistry required to make fine watches and great movies.

The Swiss watchmaker is launching its Executive Skeleton Tourbillon Hyperspace at the French Riviera glamour-fest, with a message that watchmakers and filmmakers have much in common.


“Many ingredients, expert hands and innovative thinking come together to create a perfect whole. Editors and actors both have key roles to play in the creation of a film, just as angleurs and painters work within their specialties in the making of the Executive Skeleton Tourbillon Hyperspace. There is no formula for making art but when the cogs mesh and the lights go down, perfection is revealed and the experience, magical,” Ulysse Nardin says.

The inspiration behind the Hyperspace is the Hans Solo’s Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars universe and aims to have sufficient shock value to have the Ulysse Nardin ‘Freak Me Out’ motto attached to it.

The key visual element of the 45mm watch is a hand-painted rectangle bridge on the dial created using a brush the width of a single eyelash.

The rectangle draws the eye towards a titanium flying silicium tourbillon and a 7-day power reserve.

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