Ultralight floating watch from ToyWatch


Italian watch brand ToyWatch has developed what it believes to be one of the world’s first floating watches which also marks the watchmaking debut of a lightweight material.

The case and strap of ToyWatch’s 47mm ToyFloat are constructed of XL Extralight, an antibacterial, UV-resistant and eco-friendly material that is light enough to float in water and has, until now, never been used in the construction of watches but rather seating and footwear.

Its properties make the ToyFloat a great proposition for summer beach holidays and XL Extralight would also seem to be the perfect stablemate for ToyWatch, being entirely produced and patented in Italy.


Offered in seven colours and water-resistant to five atmospheres, the ToyFloat will retail in the UK for £85.

Weighing just 30g, the ToyFloat is one of the few watches capable of floating. Richard Mille’s ultra high-end RM027, worn by Rafael Nadal, might weigh nine grams less and be capable of floating but, at $525,000 (£312,000), it costs 3,761 times as much as the Toywatch.



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