UK’s fittest man becomes G-SHOCK brand ambassador


Casio is again showing the importance of the fitness market to its strategy by appointing Zack George as official brand ambassador of G-SHOCK’s GBD-H1000, the brands first-ever watch equipped with a heart rate monitor. 

Mr George, also known as Silverback to his social media fans, is one of the world’s top CrossFit athletes, a fitness influencer and officially the UK’s Fittest Man 2020. He has 167,000 followers on Instagram.


“I have been a fan of G-SHOCK for years and currently have a selection in constant rotation because I know I can rely on them to perform. G-SHOCK is one of the only watches I know that can stand-up to the constant wear and tear of two workouts a day, every day and still look great even with a few scuffs and scratches. I have been using G-SHOCK to time my workouts for years, but the GBD-H1000 now allows me to track my heart rate, the distance of my outdoor runs and my training load, so I know when I need to dial-it-back and when I can push for a PB. Becoming a part of the G-SHOCK family is a huge moment for me and the sport of CrossFit. Seeing more brands look to athletes like myself and the discipline of CrossFit as a captive market is a hugely exciting development and I am proud to be leading from the front,” says Mr George.

GBD-H1000 watch is designed as the ideal workout companion. An optical sensor measures heart rate by detecting the blood flow under the skin, a triple sensor measures altitude/barometric pressure, compass bearing, and temperature, and an acceleration sensor measures step count and distance travelled.

The watch also comes with GPS functionality that acquires location information.

By analysing the measured data, the watch can display an indicator of cardiorespiratory capacity. By connecting the watch with a dedicated app on a smartphone, the user can manage measurement data history such as calories burned and logged travel.

“We are delighted to announce Zack as the new face of the G-SHOCK Sport collection in the UK. He perfectly embodies the Never Give Up spirit of G-SHOCK and his dedication and success within the CrossFit world makes him the perfect ambassador,” says Jen Kelly, G-SHOCK Senior Brand Manager.

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