UK watch start-up triples crowdfund target in a week ahead of launch

Marloe Lomond Chronoscope – 5

Marloe Watch Company, a UK-based start-up, has marked the launch of its wristwatch collection by shattering its crowdfunding campaign target, having raised more than £145,000 in a week.

The Kickstarter campaign was launched with the aim of reaching £50,000, to introduce the brand’s latest piece, the Lomond Chronoscope, which is designed to demonstrate both traditional and contemporary origins.

It is hoped that smashing its crowdfund target will help to establish the brand in the international watch market and amongst retailers. WatchPro understands that Marloe will be moving its production to Switzerland, which will see its watches obtaining more of an edge in spite of the increased costs of Swiss manufacturing.

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The brand is the brainchild of two wristwatch collectors – Oliver Goffe and Gordon Fraser – who met online on a watch forum.

The Lomond Chronoscope comes in four colour ways, split into Classic (with a white and grey dial, a telemeter scale matt ceramic bezel) and Vintage (coffee and vanilla dial with a simple 60 second scale polished ceramic bezel) aesthetics.

Co-founder, Goffe, commented on the launch: “As watches get smarter, and lives more complicated, there is a movement embracing the slow-living counter culture, going back to the simple things, celebrating tradition. So as the technology brands fight it out over who makes the smartest watch, we’ve made a commitment to proudly go against the grain, to celebrate the most traditional of all watches… the hand-wound timepiece.”

Meanwhile, co-founder Fraser said: “Whilst most of the world looks towards digital technology to take the place of mechanical engineering in many areas of life, we’re looking to keep the passion and beauty alive with our blend of traditional and contemporary watch designs.”


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