UK sets new record for imports of Swiss watches in 2017


The United Kingdom ended 2017 as the fourth largest market in the world for Swiss watch exporters, with timepieces worth CHF 1.29 billion sold to the country.

The total was 7% up on 2016, which itself was the biggest ever year for exports to the UK.

In just seven years since 2010, exports of Swiss watches to the UK have trebled from CHF 429 million to CHF 1.29 billion in 2017.


Another significant marker for the importance of the UK market is the fact that it is now more valuable per head of population than every other country in the European Union, overtaking Italy for the first time in 2017.

Every one of the UK’s 65.3 million citizens is worth CHF 19.7 to the Swiss watch industry; dramatically higher than the CHF 14.7 per capita in France and CHF 13.0 in Germany. Only Italy remains close, at CHF 19.5 per capita.




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