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Trivoly seeks UK partner for smart disc concept


A Kickstarter campaign that promises to turn any wristwatch into a connected device thanks to a high tech disc is looking for a UK distributor.

Trivoly is taking preorders for two versions of the 3mm thick disc that fits to the caseback of any watch and connects to smartphones via Bluetooth.

Motion sensors within the disc can detect a number of distinct tap positions on the watch itself, allowing for different operations depending on where on the watch is touched. For instance the disc and app combination can be used to trigger the camera shutter of your smartphone if the user taps the watch glass or it can increase the volume of playing music with a tap to the top, 12 o’clock position.


The product was first unveiled two weeks ago and based on the initial reaction the company behind it is now looking to expand its distribution to territories including the UK. The first product deliveries are expected in February.

The Trivoly app is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones and the disc boasts battery life of up to four days.

App options will allow the user to set colour and vibration pattern of notifications, allowing for personalised alerts depending on who messages are from.

Two versions of Trivoly are available for preorder. The Trivoly 1 features messages, notifications, calls, alerts, step counter, remote music control with Sonos, Spotify and iTunes as well as remote camera control priced at 99 Euros (£70). The Trivoly 2 also includes full fitness tracking featuring such as heart rate monitor and is priced at 129 Euro (£90).


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