ToyWatch signs Fraser Hart as stockist


ToyWatch has signed multiple retail jeweller Fraser Hart as a stockist.

The fashion watch brand will be sold in 10 of the chain’s store from July.


ToyWatch has been building up its network of UK retailer stockists over the past couple of years under the direction of brand manager Gavin Foster. In the past year it has created new in-store furniture that has been installed by a number of its stockists including the newly opened Charles Fish Boutique in Harlow, Essex.

During that period it has also successfully embraced the retail jeweller sales channel. Previously the brand had targeted fashion shops but since widening its distribution policies it is now stocked with a number of leading retail jewellers including Allum & Sidaway, Rox, Setffans and Justice.

Newest stockist Fraser Hart sells a wide range of watch brands from Rolex and IWC to TW Steel and DKNY. The chain now has 37 stores spread out from Stirling to Plymouth.

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