Timex completes Batman, Coke and Root Beer editions of its Q Timex 1979 reissues


Q Timex 1979 retro reissues have always been commercially successful for the brand and its authorised dealers, so the company is sticking to a winning formula with a fresh collection of styles that draw not so subtle design cues from Rolex’s GMT Master watches.

Last year Timex released a piece with a black dial and black and red bezel — the famous Coke combination of colours.


This year, Q Timex 1979 reissues come in the black and blue of a Batman and the brown and black that Rolex fans have dubbed the Root Beer.

“Inspired by the runaway success of our original Q Timex Reissue 1979 watch, which has sold out time and time again, this update to the Q Timex collection offers more colours to choose from,” Timex says.

“And it still packs all the heritage-inspired features you already love like a rotating bezel, woven stainless-steel bracelet, functional battery hatch and domed acrylic crystal, making for a faithful expansion of what the Q Timex collection does so well,” the company adds.

There are now six watches in the collection: Coke, Batman and Root Beer, ranging in price from £159 for 38mm quartz models to £249 for 40mm automatics.

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