Timex celebrates Waterbury line with chronograph


Timex has introduced new styles of its Waterbury Collection to celebrate the success of its anniversary model.

The Waterbury Collection was introduced by Timex last year to celebrate the 160th Anniversary of the brand, which began life as the Waterbury Clock Company in Connecticut in 1854.

The collection takes inspiration from a number of key styles created by the world’s second largest watch brand – by volume – over the years.


Now one year later Timex are adding a line of attractive, vintage-inspired chronographs, the Waterbury Chronograph collection, with stitched leather straps and stainless steel cases.

Aysha Hasan, Timex’s UK marketing manager, “We’re delighted at how well The Timex Waterbury collection has been received by consumers within the UK and worldwide, and I believe the key to its success lies in the authenticity of the brand’s history.

“The Timex Waterbury collection is inspired by our very own product archive, with a clean, uncomplicated aesthetic highlighted by vintage design cues, enabling the styles to transcend generations and proving Timex’s relevance in today’s modern market.”

Available with navy, black and tan leather straps and either stainless steel or gold-tone cases, the new designs will launch online this month priced £89.99.


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