Time and space inspires anniversary collection from Bovet


Bovet, the heritage watch maker that introduced transparent case backs, is celebrating its 195th anniversary year with the launch of new collections inspired by space.

Through calendars, timepieces with astronomical functions and materials such as aventurine or meteorite, Bovet hopes to bring philosophical dimension to chronometry.


Explaining Bovet’s focus on space, Pascal Raffy, owner of the London-based watch maker, said space is “utterly inseparable from the concept of time.”

Bovet was founded in London in 1822 by brothers Frédéric, Alphonse and Edouard Bovet.

Over the course of the 20th century, Bovet distinguished itself with numerous innovations and patents. A Bovet pocket watch dating from around 1920 holds the record for autonomy with its 360-day power reserve.

Other notable achievements include the patent for the 1930 easel watch that paved the way for the Amadeo system, and the iconic Mono-rattrapante Chronograph, whose simplified mechanism still features on the syllabus of all Swiss watch-making schools.

Since Pascal Raffy acquired Bovet in 2001, the brand has negotiated the first two decades of the 21st century using the same values and ethos that steered its course in the 19th century. In 15 years, he has given the brand its own movement, dial and case manufactures to ensure optimal quality, designed and developed the iconic Amadeo case, filed around 15 patents and created just as many new calibers.


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