Tide to bring snap-on Time-It to UK


Tide Distribution has signed a deal to take Dutch watch brand Time-It to the UK.

The fashion watch brand tells the time using two strips of LED lights. Hours are marked by one strip and minutes by the other so two LEDS will always be lit showing the time.

The watches are made from polyurethane and can be flexed out straight and then snapped onto the wrist to deliver a curling motion that rounds the watch snugly to the wrist.


Tide Distribution will be taking the Zero collection from Time-It to the UK which is the brand’s bestselling line in the Netherlands. Recommended retail prices for watches in this collection are £89.99.

The Time-It brand was founded by Ramon Groen and Michaël Mourgue and has been stocked in leading international stores including Pritemps in Paris. The watches are water resistant to 3ATM and have a battery life of a year.

Other brands in the Tide Distribution stable include Nooka and O.D.M.


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