The Watches of Switzerland Group ready to open six monobrands stores this year


For a glimpse of light at the end of this long, dark, tunnel, look no further than the social media accounts of The Watches of Switzerland Group, where you will find tales of its workforce gathering for after work drinks โ€” online โ€” at the newly created Cog & Carat virtual boozer on Facebook (pictured top).

Recruitment for its ever-expanding network of stores is also continuing, and today we learn that managers have been appointed to open half a dozen monobrand stores across the UK, and a multibrand Watches of Switzerland in the City of London.


No company can be certain of when its current stores will reopen, let alone plan precisely for ribbon cutting ceremonies at brand new stores.

For The Watches of Switzerland Group, new stores that it hopes will open over the summer or autumn include Watches of Switzerland in Broadgate, City of London; a Rolex monobrand on the same site as its previous multibrand showroom at the top of Buchanan Street in Glasgow; TAG Heuer monobrand boutiques in Oxford, Watford and Kingston-Upon-Thames and a Tudor store, the first in Europe, in White City, West London.

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