Take a walk through Goldsmiths’ new store concept


Goldsmiths and the architects of its new store concept Quadrant Design have shared a video walk through of the fresh look.

The video shows the more relaxed, inclusive, and experiential showroom style that Goldsmiths is rolling out across its network of 70 UK stores.


Goldsmiths has gone with bright, open spaces with branded areas, hospitality with bars and in-store service workshops.

The stores have been developed by Quadrant Design, whose design director Sonia Brown describes the relaxed, luxurious and inclusive design being built on five pillars:

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  • To break down barriers using a modular system that makes every store unique.
  • To take customers on a journey of self-discovery that does not feel intimidating.
  • To become a space where knowledge can be shared.
  • To create memorable moments for customers who are encouraged to come into stores to hang out.
  • To deliver an authentic experience that connects customers to the Goldsmiths retail brand.
  • A monochrome palette of luxurious materials is used such as white-washed oak timber, white terrazzo and blackened steel.

    Every element uses a combination of hard and soft, Ms Brown describes, and mixes repeating vertical lines and soft curves inspired by the Goldsmiths logo.

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