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QUICKFIRE Q&A: Konstantin Chaykin on leading the watchmaking way in Russia

The brand is the only Russian company producing unique, high class mechanical watches and describes itself as is the absolute leader in the luxury watch segment industry in Russia.

QUICKFIRE Q&A: HK Watches answers consumer needs’ with customisable collection

Born out of a passion and fascination for the industry, Alain Kobler wants to take HK Watches right to the very top.

Vaer Watches catapults itself to centre of west coast watchmaking as...

Founded in 2016 by the duo Ryan Torres and Regan Cook, the pair’s goal was to build an affordable, everyday wristwatch while blending design, durability and functionality.

YEMA watch review: Marine Nationale

Born in 1948, YEMA has been partnered with the French Air Force since the 1970s.

E-commerce brand sees historic Swiss watchmaker take on Indian market

Ecommerce-based direct selling company QNET has brought a historic Swiss watch brand to India exclusively for its network of customers and distributors.

Piaget unveils latest adventure in skeleton watchmaking

In celebrating a watch first created in 1979, Piaget has paid homage to the Polo with a fully skeletonized version. In order to successfully develop...

Clockwork expertise registered as “intangible cultural heritage” with UNESCO

Mechanical clockwork expertise and artistic mechanics have been registered as intangible cultural heritage with UNESCO. It comes after a joint application from France and Switzerland...

Indian watchmaking to hit new boundaries with Bangalore Watch Company’s Cover...

Powered by Swiss Sellita SW200, the watches can be purchased directly via the brand website and shipped worldwide.

New York film maker trails Keeper of Time documentary about the...

Several of the world's most respected independent watchmakers including Philippe Dufour, Roger W. Smith, François-Paul Journe and Max Büsser contributed to the film.

Bangalore Watch Company puts bat to ball on changing perception of...

The brand debuted with its gents dress watches in 2018, and has expanded their catalogue to a Pilot watch inspired by the Indian Air Force and most recently, an urban-sports watch that celebrates the sport of Cricket.