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Swiss watch exports to the UK follow V-shaped recovery path up...

Swiss watch exports are 29% lower for the first 10 months of 2020, after recovering from drops of 96% drop in April and 77% in May.

Swiss watchmakers target stock at countries emerging fastest from lock down

Mainland China's hard and targeted lock down has limited economic damage and led to it becoming the biggest export market in the world for Swiss watches in June.

Swiss watch exports to the UK on track to halve in...

If the wipe out in April and May continues, as expected, into most of June, exports to the UK will be down by close to 50% for the year to date.

Swiss watch exports slump by over 81% in April

Exports to the United Kingdom all but stopped, with a decline of 96.4%.

Swiss watch exports to the UK drop by 34%

Data for March shows wholesalers and retailers were already bracing for lock down.

Swiss watch exports to the UK dip by 14% in January

Comparisons to the whole of the first quarter of 2019 need to be treated with caution because UK businesses were stockpiling product ahead of the original Brexit deadline of March 31.

Final scores on the doors for Swiss watch exports in 2019

With coronavirus scaring the bejesus out of the luxury Swiss watch industry, memories of a solid performance in 2019 are fading fast.

Swiss watch imports dip as Brexit stockpiling unwinds

Exports to the UK dipped by 0.4% in July, but are 22% up in the year-to-date following a massive spike in exports in the first quarter of the year.

Swiss watch stockpiling in the UK unwinds in second quarter

Exports to the United Kingdom drop by 3.7% in May, but remain 30% up for the year-to-date.

British businesses stockpile Swiss watches ahead of Brexit

Federation of Swiss Watch Industry says extraordinary growth of exports to Britain is due to fears over no deal chaos.