Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Central London footfall rises as office workers return

A steady rise in retail footfall through August and early September means that the UK as a whole is now just 17.3% less busy than the same week in the pre-pandemic period in 2019.

Freedom Day flop hints at danger of long term damage to...

Despite a temporary spike in activity in the 24 hours after Freedom Day, retail footfall has settled back at worse than 30% below 2019 levels for most destinations.

Freedom Day fails to fire up footfall

For the week from July 18 to 25, footfall across UK retail destinations rose by just 3.3% from the week  before and remains 23.3% lower than in the same week in 2019.

Warm weather lures shoppers back to all retail destinations

Stores enjoy footfall boost with a week on week surge of 25% on Sunday and 16% on bank holiday Monday.

Wind and rain continue to keep shoppers away

Opening of indoor dining improves retail economy slightly, but blue sky for the coming bank holiday weekend will be a welcome boost.

Shoppers look for better weather and somewhere to eat inside

Footfall to all UK retail destinations has barely risen since non-essential stores were allowed to reopen, but the return of indoor dining could change that.

Miserable May weather dampens high street shopping

Footfall remains 25.3% below the level of 2019, although retail parks have all-but returned to the traffic of two years’ ago.

Miserable bank holiday chills high street footfall

Scotland re-opened non-essential retail last week, causing week on week traffic to rise by 75%, but will be disappointed that footfall remains 26% below the level of the same week in 2019.

Footfall recovers to levels previously seen last August

Retail parks continue to recover faster than any other type of shopping destination, and footfall is now 2% higher than the same week of 2019.

Retail footfall almost doubles in first week since non-essential stores reopen

However, there are still 25% fewer shoppers in the UK compared to the same week in April 2019 before the pandemic .