Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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TAG Heuer sends Super Mario fitness app to all Connected watches

Mario wakes you up with a salute in the morning and as the day progresses and you rack up your step count, you unlock rewards at each stage of your daily target.

Ready Player One? First Swiss watchmakers shift promotions into eSports and...

500 million people are tuning in to watch gamers competing in eSports and playing Fortnite, FIFA and Call of Duty. That is an audience watch brands cannot ignore.

TAG Heuer teams up with Super Mario to get gamers off...

A limited edition TAG Heuer Connected has Super Mario racking up rewards for reaching activity goals throughout the day.

Casio taps into Esports Gaming market with FaZe clan collaboration on...

Casio G-SHOCK has paid homage to one of the world’s most prominent and influential gaming organizations, FaZe Clan, with a custom DW6900 timepiece.