Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Graham goes live with new Bitcoin accepted e-store

Visitors to the website’s e-shop can choose from a broad array of models and pay for their goods with a credit card or even Bitcoin.

Jeweller creates Apple Watch pendant displaying non-fungible token assets

The necklace combines “your favourite digital asset with your favorite physical asset,” its creator, Ivy J Jewelers, wrote in an Instagram post.

AP House concept encourages customers to spend four times more

Roll out of AP Houses continues as CEO François-Henry Bennahmias reveals the bump in sales they bring over traditional retail.

Bitcoin.com teams up with Franck Muller on “Free the Money, Free...

The watch is the first-ever Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Franck Muller "Encrypto" brand timepiece and is a limited edition BCH wristwatch.

Hublot Big Bang Bitcoin sells-out before launch

It can only be bought using Bitcoin, but every one of the 220-piece limited edition sold within days.

Swiss watchmaker tracks timepieces for life using blockchain technology

Incorruptible digital ledger will store a unique serial number etched onto each watch that can be checked every time it changes hands or is serviced.

Richemont looks at using blockchain technology to track watches over their...

Richemont is expected to use blockchain technology to track the materials it uses from suppliers and the watches it sells. Jin Keyu, an associate professor...

Chronoswiss aims to part investors from their cryptocurrency profits

What are people supposed to do when they have seen their virtual wallets of cryptocurrencies rocket in value and turn them into Bitcoin billionaires? Splash...

Mayfair millionaires’ concierge creates its own cryptocurrency for watch collectors

Luxure Global Citizen, a Mayfair-based concierge and rewards service for the ultra-wealthy, is launching its own cryptocurrency. The organisation offers a cross between Nectar points...

WatchBox starts accepting bitcoin payments for pre-owned watches

WatchBox, an e-commerce platform for the buying, selling and trading of pre-owned luxury timepieces, now accepts bitcoin. The company received around £70m in investment...