Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Apple Watch Series 7 set to put added pressure on sub-£500...

Competing with Apple Watch in the sub-£500 price segment is tough enough already, and there will be no relief when the seventh iteration of the smartwatch is launched later this year.

WAX’s new watch insurance app secures seed funding from luxury industry...

The WAX Insurance app is available in both the Apple and Android app stores and allows users to take pictures of collectibles or luxury goods that they own and have them insured.

Swiss watchmakers survived the first wave of Apple Watch. But now...

Apple's Watch Series 6 offers so much health and fitness technology, it is likely to be better at spotting early signs of Covid before you are.

Latest Apple Watch could spot signs of Covid-19

Apple Watch Series 6 has been given a shot in the arm with sensors that could provide early warnings of respiratory conditions like influenza and Coronavirus.

Smartwatch market splinters along special interest lines

Smartwatches were supposed to have wiped out the Swiss watchmaking industry by now. Despite 31 million Apple Watches being sold last year, it is a long way from taking down the traditionalists.

Hodinkee fraternises with the enemy as it becomes authorised dealer for...

Six years after Apple first launched its smartwatch, the company now sells more watches in a quarter than the entire Swiss industry in a year.

Apple shipped twice as many watches in Q1 as the whole...

The entire Swiss watch industry exported 3.8 million watches in the first three months of the year while Apple shipped 7.6 million units.

G-Shock steps up the fight to wrestle fitness wristwatch market from...

Casio looks like it has a contender with the launch of a sporty G-Shock with built-in heart monitor and GPS tracking.

Ten watches that have shaped the 21st century

10 watches introduced since 2000 that hit it out of the ball park.

Bill Gates joins Apple in assault on the traditional watch market

Microsoft founder invests in smart watch designed to detect early signs of dementia.