50 brands of Basel


50 Brands of Basel: Movado

A true icon of contemporary watchmaking, Movado’s legendary Museum dial has a celebrated history. Inspired by the Bauhaus movement, this watch dial was designed in 1946 by American artist Nathan George Horwitt. He held that
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50 Brands of Basel: Victorinox

You’ve got to admire Victorinox for its strategy in developing its flagship Inox collection. First the knockout, indestructible quartz watch

50 Brands of Basel: Nord Zeitmaschine (VIDEO) Nord Zeitmaschine is all set to release its latest mind-bending watch at Baselworld next week. Daniel Nebel's animated dial designs focus on piston-mounted minute hands with irregular movement and speed. To compensate for the
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50 Brands of Basel: Bulova

Bulova moon watch replica
The only privately-owned Bulova chronograph watch to be worn on the moon—by Apollo 15’s Colonel Dave Scott in 1971—was snapped

50 Brands of Basel: Rado

Rado more often makes a point of pushing the high-tech ceramic construction of its cases and bracelets before all else,
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