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TAG Heuer and Porsche finally embrace


People are constantly surprised that TAG Heuer and Porsche have no formal partnership given their shared use of the name Carrera and their motor racing pedigree.

Detter Von Platten, member of Porsche’s executive board for sales and marketing and former CEO of Porsche Cars North America, said as much in a worldwide webcast announcing a fresh partnership between the two iconic brands. “People are convinced we have been partners for 50 years,” he said with a smile today.

There has actually been almost no commercial connection between Porsche and TAG Heuer. They are like two guests that are always at the same parties but never hook up.

Renowned watch author Nick Foulkes used a Catherine Eberle-Devaux’s romcom metaphor to make the same point: “We have been flirting for decades, more than a half-century, but at last the relationship is going public,” he notes in a Financial Times report on the partnership.

There has been the occasional dalliance between the two including TAG Heuer becoming the title and timing partner of the Porsche Formula E Team in 2019, but beyond that they have been in touching distance, but never embraced.

Today’s proclamation was short on detail for what the partnership will deliver, but it kicked off with a fresh TAG Heuer Porsche Chronograph that has plenty of design touches to excite Porsche enthusiasts.

It is based on a Carrera Sport Chronograph design but elevated with Porsche touches including the carmaker’s logo engraved in red into a black ceramic tachymeter bezel and its font used for the hour markers.

The color palette, red, black, and grey used for an asphalt texture dial, is all Porsche, and a crystal case back reveals the Heuer 02’s movement has a new oscillating mass in the shape of a Porsche steering wheel.

A black leather strap with white stitching is also taken from a Carrera’s interior, but there is also the option of a steel bracelet.

The special edition goes on sale this month for £4,850 on the strap and £5,000 with a bracelet.

What is next for this partnership? Neither Porsche nor TAG Heuer are saying, but both seem flush with the excitement of a new union.

“With this alliance, TAG Heuer and Porsche finally come together officially after decades of close encounters and will create unmatched experiences and products for customers and fans that are passionate about both our brands and what we stand for,” promises TAG Heuer CEO Frédéric Arnault.



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