Swiss brand makes UK debut with watch range inspired by British Aviation


Swiss watch brand Aviator is set to land in the UK with a collection of timepieces that celebrate British feats in aviation.

The label, which launches in the UK this month, is renowned for paying tribute via design to the spirit of aviation.


It has developed a limited edition collection of watches inspired by the British Bristol Scout and one of its most famous pilots, Flight Sub Lieutenant FDH Bremner, who flew the plane in the First World War.

At that time, wristwatches were an essential flight instrument, indicating navigation and fuel consumption through course and speed.

The Bristol Scout wristwatch features a classic, large dial design for increased visibility and a distinctive large pocket watch case indicative of early wristwatches.

The model’s vintage brown strap is reminiscent of the Bristol Scout’s padded brown leather cockpit.

It is water resistant to 100m and includes both a stainless steel and anti-reflecting sapphire crystal casing.

As Aviator officially launches in the UK, it plans to develop a wider UK retail distribution. While Peter Jackson was the initial UK retailer, the focus is for Aviator to develop further collaborations.

The brand plans to work closely with specific retailers on a local level.

Vice-president and co-founder, Edgar Volodko, said: “We are delighted to have agreed partnerships with such strong retailers to springboard the launch. Retailer Peter Jackson (in Preston and Bury), has paved the way for Aviator in the UK and shown us that there is a demand in the country for consumers. We look forward to working closely with further retailers to ensure a strong presence in the UK watch market.”

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